Commercial Landscaping Medford Trends For 2018

The NALP (National Association of Landscape Professionals shared their list of top trends for the year 2018. These would apply for both residential and commercial landscaping settings for which they produced their forecast trends that will influence the design, planning as well as maintenance. Check out Landscaping & Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Medford Oregon.

Landscapes nowadays are designed with a lot of thought behind it and plenty of creative input as well. One can almost think of it as playing and working at the same time. Those in the know love the idea of bringing form and function together to ensure a top quality outdoor experience.

Somehow, residential landscapes are all about making provision for dining, cooking, working outdoors, and relaxing with friends and family. Further to this, homeowners are armed with integrated outdoor lights, coupled with various visual and audio systems to ensure a multiuse experience like no other. Both commercial and residential landscapes create a feeling of awe that starts at the entrance where one would admire beautiful plantings and lawns to bring about a wow first impression.

Commercial landscapes would regularly include bicycle and walking paths, and even gardens or dining areas to enhance their worker’s experience.

More and more, landscapes are being planned where the designer has the unexpected in mind, such as retractable canopies that are attached to pergolas to help protect any outdoor areas in snow, rain, or windy conditions. No doubt, unpredictable weather patterns call for all sorts of landscape improvements to help withstand these extreme conditions while it will allow sufficient space for individuals to enjoy lovely cool or warmer days.

Landscapers would even play around with outdoor heaters for patios to accommodate chillier evenings. They would incorporate hardscape materials to handle severe temperature fluctuations.

There is a considerable amount of emphasis placed on conservation and water management. Sustainability is the new trend as it makes provision for how landscapes are formed and maintained right now and in time to come. What we are referring to in particular is the use of eco-friendly watering which will continue during 2018, and beyond.

Landscapers adopted another method that involves the use of native plants that need a lot less water. Another trend that came to the fore would be xeriscaping where they would plan a landscape in such a way that is used low-water plants. Now that is what we call smarter irrigation.

Enhanced technology and equipment to ease the implementation of various landscape practices. Some of the modern tools currently on the scene pay a lot of attention to how easy it is to use these and storage while giving consideration for all kinds of eco-friendly innovations. Various leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and other similar equipment now feature low emissions, operate a lot quieter, and are powered by a battery. Many gardening and lawn tools are made in such a way that it takes up minimal space as it easily fits into smaller areas. Professional landscapers are all for using 3-D drones and the latest mobile apps when doing their landscape planning.

They play around with a host of different patterns and colors. During 2017, the mere elegance of greenery was on everybody’s lips. For this year, people will display a renewed interest in adding color and fanciness to their landscapes. Funny how ultraviolet has been deemed as the Color of the year, and it is revered ad the leading supplier of color systems and the go-to source for exterior and interior designs.

Landscaping firms in Medford Oregon who favor commercial properties are keen on integrating a variety of purple flowers, violets, iris, and clematis into landscapes. Would you believe that patterned plants are claiming their time in the spotlight? These plants receive a lot of praise as unique creations that present intricate details like brightly colored veins or striped leaves.

Interestingly, landscaping companies such as Medford Landscaping Pros are at the forefront of different types of outdoor trends, which is mainly influenced by a broader scope of design trends and lifestyles.

These guys offer a high-quality consultancy experience that is respected as professional in that they supply and implement the best landscape services for corporate projects. What is more, they have an extensive commercial landscape profile where they are in contact with the best architects, developers, and government institutions to ensure the smooth transition of any given work schedule that guarantees their client’s satisfaction at the end of the day.