How Dentists in Medford Oregon May Benefit From Making the Right Hiring Decisions

Technical qualities, leadership, and exceptional patient care by itself will not ensure the success of a Medford Dentist’s dental implants practice. What they need to do is make the right hiring decisions to ensure there are uniformity and cooperation among the staff members like they did at

Once a need arises for hiring a new employee, there are a few things they would need to consider.

The primary objective before thinking about hiring new staff is to have a clear vision in mind as it will help you to filter your decisions and align these with your hiring decisions for your orthodontist dental practice.

Should your hiring decisions be based on how to grow your practice, you need to bear in mind how it will impact your overheads. However, if your decision to hire is merely based on filling a vacancy, ensure you define the job requirements. Doing this is as important as the vision of your practice.

In fact, hardly any dentists have written job descriptions in place for their employees. They do not go to a lot of trouble to define the role of their new employee to match the skills and experience needed.

They may have to consider some of the following prerequisites:

  1. Putting the characteristics, qualities as well as the expectations they have of the new employee.
  2. To hire someone who’s got values, then teach them how to perform the required tasks.
  3. Resist the thought of hiring too soon once there is a vacancy just for the sake of finding someone.

Choosing the right recruitment agency is crucial. Medford dentists need an agency they can partner with during the hiring procedure. Each candidate needs to go through a proper screening process, including a background check. This will reduce the time required to invest in this procedure. You need to get someone who fits the role description perfectly.

The minute the right candidate has been identified for the advertised position, the next step would be interviewing to ensure the right person is being hired. The interview itself can be conducted by the office manager or the dentist.

Do not neglect to set up an orientation guideline for new staff regarding your vision, expectations, practice philosophy, and purpose.

Your staff selection ranks among the most critical decisions yet. There are very few factors that influence the way your office functions than having the right staff. It is wise to exercise great care and attention to detail when you interview candidates. Let’s look at some more hiring guidelines that would minimize your risks.

Know Who You Want to Hire

For starters, outline the characteristics of your ideal candidate by having a defined list of qualities for each position.

Consider how you want your team to function. For instance, will the hygienist be expected to act as a member of staff in similar ways to the front desk dental staffing or office manager, or will they be shown special favor? Draft a clear-cut office staff policy that sets out your expectations.

While you busy interviewing the candidate, pay close attention to their manner of speech and how they respond to some questions. Any off-putting or distracting habits you notice will negatively influence your patients and reflect poorly on your dental practice.

Should a candidate struggle to answer some questions clearly, imagine how they will come across to patients? You may want to overlook some shortcomings, but do not think you can totally reform a mediocre candidate. If you notice a couple of warning signs while interviewing, you should instead keep looking.

Once you hired a person who adequately matches your requirements, provides them with achievable career goals they can strife towards right away. Do so, instead of overtaxing them with a tiring job description. Begin with a couple of modest goals, then reward them as you go along. Letting a new person grow into their position will ensure a smooth transition for everyone.

Who Would Make a Good Dental Assistant?

You want a dental assistant who is highly motivated as a team member, and conscientious about what they do and say. After all, they need to be able to manage certain activities successfully to keep your office functioning smoothly. This would make your job so much easier

Undoubtedly, building a noteworthy team of dental professionals requires plenty of foresight and planning.