How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist

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We understand that the process of choosing the right cosmetic dentist can be difficult, and even overwhelming. With all the factors that must be taken into account, it can be hard to know what questions to ask and what qualifications to look for.

That is why we've put together this list of things to look for when selecting the right cosmetic dentist for you.

How familiar is your dentist with neuromuscular dentistry and issues with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)?

One frequently overlooked factor in many cosmetic dentistry procedures is the function of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ is the joint that connects the upper and lower jaw, providing for a range of motion, including up and down, side to side, and front to back. Because of the wide range of motion required, the TMJ is delicately and precisely balanced. Even the most minor changes, such as the addition of porcelain veneers, if not done properly, can disturb the structural integrity of the jaw, leading to a host of problems.

So even if you don't currently have problems with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD), it is essential that you find a dentist trained and experienced in full mouth reconstruction and issues concerning the TMJ.

Dr. Huefner has done advanced postgraduate studies at the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), famed for its research and studies in neuromuscular dentistry and TMD.

What techniques and technologies does the dentist have training in and access to?

Many cosmetic dentists specialize in certain types of cosmetic procedure, and have little experience in others. While no dentist can be an expert in every practice area, it is important that your dentist have a broad enough range of experience and access to the tools to recommend just the right treatment for you.

Dr. Huefner and his staff make it a point to keep up with all the latest and greatest in dental techniques and technologies so they can provide their patients with the best range of options to meet their personal needs.

How experienced is the dentist?

Experience is one of the most important qualities to look for in a dentist. Even a dentist with the best education and technical training must add to that experience with the realities of working with patients. From the artistic and technical skills required to sculpt a tooth with the ideal shape, size, and color, to the personal skills required to calm nervous patients and properly explain a patient's options, experience is key to an excellent dentist.

Dr. Huefner and Sensational Smiles have been taking care of Orange County's cosmetic dentistry needs since 1980, with experience working with all types of patients, from children and senior citizens, to professional models and beauty pageant contestants.

Are you comfortable with the dentist?

To get the best quality cosmetic dentistry care possible, it is absolutely essential that you are comfortable talking to your dentist and staff, explaining your needs and your desires. Only with your input can your cosmetic dentist begin to understand what you want from your smile. As such, it's important that you feel comfortable and at ease with the dentist, staff, and facilities.

At Sensational Smiles, our practice is focused on our patients. We believe that we can never be at our best unless our patients are happy and satisfied with their results. We've made every effort to ensure that your visits with us are as painless and stress-free as possible, and that every one of our patients is happy with his or her results.

Our offices are clean and well-maintained so that our patients are happy in their surroundings, our staff is carefully chosen to be caring, friendly, and thoroughly trained in the latest dental techniques and technologies; and for our patients who experience unusual anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry options that let them get the dental care they want while being completely relaxed and comfortable.

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