Smile Makeovers in Orange County

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At Sensational Smiles, we specialize in total smile makeovers. There's nothing we enjoy more than helping our patients achieve the smiles they've always dreamed of—the smiles that help them give the best first impression possible, every time.

It's important to us that our patients are at ease, so we've ensured that our offices are comfortable, relaxing, and inviting to each and every patient that come in. We offer all of the latest dental technologies; so you can be sure that the procedures you select for your dental makeover are only the very best that cosmetic dentistry has to offer.


Smile Makeover - Orange County Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Norman HuefnerThe moment you walk into our office, you'll be welcomed by our friendly, professional staff and we'll sit down with you and discuss what you want from your smile makeover. Depending on your needs and your desires, we'll then work with you to create the ideal customized smile makeover for you.

Like our patients, every smile makeover is different. We'll conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, and will discuss in detail what you want and need from your smile makeover.

If you aren’t sure what you'd like your results to look like, take a look at some of the Famous Smile Makeovers we've done.

Some of the procedures that may be part of your overall plan include:

When Dr. Huefner does your smile makeover, either with porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns or bonding, not only are you fully involved in choosing the color you want for your new smile, but also Dr. Huefner will work closely with you to make your new teeth the length and shape of your choosing. 

Dr. Huefner most commonly utilizes two smile libraries, the LVI Dr. Bill Dickerson Smile Catalog (above) and the Loren Library (below), to give you thirty different tooth shape designs to choose from.  But don't worry, Dr. Huefner and his team will help you choose the shape that most closely matches your goals.

Fix a Crooked Smile - Dr. Norman Huefner - Orange County Cosmetic Dentistry    

To learn more about smile makeover options, call or email us today to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Huefner and the rest of the staff at Sensational Smiles.


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