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Unlike the tooth-colored fillings of the past, today's composite white fillings are extremely strong, long-lasting, and suitable for use for most small and medium size cavitites.

Traditional mercury amalgam fillings, while durable and long lasting, result in unattractive dark colored areas, so Dr. Huefner uses only the highest quality white fillings for our dental work, leaving our patients with healthy, clean, white smiles.

The composite in white fillings is a specially formulated material that looks and functions just like sturdy, natural tooth enamel.

Like the old fashioned mercury amalgam filling, the placement of tooth white fillings take place during a single office visit.

Dr. Huefner will carefully remove any decayed and damaged tooth material from the cavity, and then prepare the surface of the tooth for bonding. Once this is done, he will mix a custom composite to perfectly match the color of your natural teeth, and will fill the cavity and sculpt the material to mimic the shape and function of your natural tooth.

Once completed, a specially calibrated light will be used to cure and harden the finished filling, leaving you with a healthy and natural looking tooth surface.  Because white fillings are bonded into place, unlike mercury amalgam fillings, the white fillings placed by Dr. Huefner actually strengthen the teeth considerably.

To learn more about white fillings, call or email our offices today to schedule your personal consultation.

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